Pony Low Loft Tent – Pink

Pony Low Loft Tent – Pink is really high quality product. It has a little pony and children like it too much.

This awesome loft bed makes every kid rave! Due to the different curtain fabrics, the bed can be customized as you wish and will soon become the center of the nursery. The optional tunnel completes the overall picture positively.


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Product Information

Model : Loft bed
Model name : Painted
Item number  : 73661
Material : pine solid wood
Color : pink tones


Product dimensions *

Footprint (width / length) :  96 cm x 205 cm
Lying surface : 90 cm x 200 cm
Post thickness : 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm
Height : 114 cm
Niche height : 72 cm
Board thickness : 2 cm
* Figures are approximate



  • Branded product in modern design
  • Ladder optionally mounted on the right or left
  • Child-friendly water-based paint
  • Made of solid pine


Curtain fabric properties

Dimensions front : 189 cm x 74 cm
Dimensions side part : 88 cm x 74 cm
Material : 100% cotton
Set consists of 1 (without 2) x front part / 1 x side part
Fixing material self-adhesive Velcro or push-button(included)


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