Mosquito Net – Pink

Mosquito Net – Pink is very cute modal for babies room. People can protect their babies at nights with using it and it is very decorative product for the general view…

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What is more beautiful for children than a small cave or hiding place? But sleeping in caves is not very inviting, so we developed this house bed. On the sides there are “walls” and above a roof, which you can easily decorate and adapt to the wishes of your child. This creates a completely individual sleeping space that invites your child to dream. In addition, this bed has the possibility to choose between different bed boxes, which are supplemented with extra storage space or another sleeping space. Also available with other motif curtains.

Product Information

Material : pine solid
Color : white

Product Dimensions *

House bed (W x H x D) 213 cm x 165 cm x 100 cm

* Figures are approximate


  • house bed
  • cot with roof construction
  • available with or without bed drawer
  • made of solid, certified FSC® pine
  • curtain fabric made of 100% cotton
  • adjustable to a single bed
  • inlet depth: 100mm
  • board thickness: 20mm
  • ground clearance: 300mm
  • high quality workmanship



photo of mosquito net


5x rollable drawers for extra storage space


photo of mosquito net


Extract usable as extra bed


photo of mosquito net

4x rollable drawers for extra storage space

2x 2 small drawers

1x large drawer

1x shelf element


All drawers inlet depth 65mm


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